Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Biggity Ben is 4!

He told me that he has been waiting for this day for a whole year! And to that I replied "yes, buddy you literally have!"
 Eatin' his mac and cheese birthday lunch. Ha.

 So today is pretty darn special to my little man, and to me too of course! My only son is getting to be a big boy and he is pretty darn proud of it!

He tells me almost daily that he wants to grow to be as tall as the ceiling! To that I say, "you have to eat healthy and get good nights sleep and one day you might be able to touch the ceiling! But trust me buddy, I don't think you want to be as tall as the ceiling, because then you might be too tall for me to hold your hand!" That always makes him stop for just for a second and think, but then he continues to say he willy (really) does want to be as tall as the ceiling. OK, buddy whatever you want!

So it is a special day and some family is coming over to celebrate. So I started making my pulled pork at 8 AM.

Then we headed to the grocery store to pick up a few things we need for the party. Like a box of funfetti cake mix...but this distracted momma of three wild ones accidentally picked up the funfetti box of COOKIES!

Which I did not realize until we were home and unpacked. So I decided to search google and see what it takes to make a cake from scratch and guess what... I had everything it takes to whip a cake. So that is what I did...who am I?!?!

Lately he has been loving the Incredible Hulk, why? I do not know but he does. So the hulk came and helped me decorate the dinning room during nap time! Ben is gonna freak! It is going to be a great night!

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