Friday, April 4, 2014

Should I really be doing this?

Blogging again.

The things it takes to be a "good" blogger do not line up with who I am. 
 Organization. Thought. Consistency.
 I am not a photographer.  I might have a hard time actually finding time to write. 
And lets not mention the fact that my grammar is horrible! I mean honestly I should NEVER hit the {publish} button at the top of this page. But, I can not fight the unmistakable feeling that I should be sharing my heart again. 

Blogging was a great thing to do during the throws of adoption as it allowed for friends and family to stay up to date with our journey. But then the reality of having 3 kiddos at home and everything else that life had thrown at me took over. And so I stopped. 

But, here I am. Ready to go. Feeling refreshed. Excited to put it out there.  So follow, comment, and enjoy. I have no doubts that together were going to have ourselves a good time! 

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