Sunday, August 3, 2014

Behind the free trip to Ethiopia...was a prayer.

Wow, What a insane week it has been. I hung my heart out for all to see and the responses and encouragement has been so good to my soul. But there has been some incredible things going on behind the scenes, my "glimmer of light in my heart" I spoke of in my last post has had some fuel added!

Just one week ago, I was listless in my heart. Nothing really made it feel "Alive" but I have been reading two incredible books.  

"Bloom" by Kelle Hampton
And Circle Maker by Mark Batterson

My heart began to leap out to the Lord again. I felt "Awake" again! I was so happy to know Him, to feel His Presence.  And I began to "Pray circles around my biggest dreams and greatest fears."
One of those huge dreams is Awake and Alive. And in October there is a group going to Kechene, Ethiopia. So I began praying for this trip! I prayed for boldness and confidence for the team leader, Keith. I was Praying God would move in the hearts of those who need to GO. Praying for fears to be removed and His love to be able to go shine is the dark places! You see, we were still 2 people short of this being a complete team. So I prayed BIG!
 I wrote it all down; my hearts desires, the times of my prayers, direct prayers, and I drew circles around them! Then that night, before bed I began to pray again for the team that was going in October. That peoples heart would be moved for this trip! And as I was praying I heard "Buzzz, Buzzz, Buzzz, Buzzz." It was 10:45 PM I finished praying and went to my phone, only to see that someone was texting me and they wanted to send 2 people to Kechene, for this trip in October!!! Awake and Alive decided one trip will be a contest and the other is a scholarship that will be split into 2.

My heart is melting quickly! Like an Ice Cube thrown into Lava.  ("Lava" my kids new favorite game, don't step on the cracks momma there is lava down there, so we jump all the cracks every where we go.) God's love is so big for us. He is so big! And he wants to connect with YOU in these incredible ways too, he is there waiting. Make the effort! I promise he will not disappoint you!

So here it is guys, my heart is pounding out of my chest. Some one is going to Ethiopia for free! Awake and Alive is GIVING AWAY a trip to Ethiopia!