Friday, November 13, 2015

Here we go again!

 "So, do you think you are done adopting?!" A question we got a LOT shortly after we brought Stella and Ben home. My knee jerk reaction was, Oh, We are DONE! I had 3 babies two and under and was barely able to keep my head above water! There were lots of tears, and not just from the babies.

Fast forward 3 years and the thought of adding another was beginning to creep into my mind.  The physical exhaustion of getting three little ones dressed, fed, buckled up and diapers changed slowly began to fade. They all began to take on those responsibilities for themselves. And I began to have a moment of mind space to begin to wonder, Are we done adopting? Is our family "complete?" Should we fill that last seat in the van? Does Ben need a brother, because lets be honest, Ben could sing all the lyrics to Frozen, he could have a dance off with the girls and totally keep up, and he asks for and longs for a brother.

Almost a year ago, we thought we had found that brother. We had pictures, video and an open bed in Ben's room. But due to unfortunate circumstances in Ethiopian adoptions, the little one we thought was our son is from the south, and the south is slowing WAY down and hardly letting any children out to be adopted. That sweet little boy we thought was going to be ours, is not. At least not living in our home being raise with the rest of our children.   And that was confirmed to us in June of 2015.

So here we are now. It is November  2015. And that deep feeling of "Not being done" is still there. We are not ones to "feel" things for a long time with out acting on those feelings. So, the research has been done, country selected, the agency found, Application filled out and SENT.

Burundi, Africa. One of the smallest countries in Africa is where, God willing, our next son will be from. We have requested to adopt a little boy aged 2-4 years old. We are looking at a time line of about 18-24 months, So that means that our son is already alive and more than likely already living in an orphanage or a situation that is not able to provide for him.  Which is so heart breaking, but that is what is so beautiful about adoption, the redemption that is so resembling of our adoption story into God's heavenly family. We are able to Love because He 1st Loved us!

We  are so excited to provide a precious orphan a family, home and all the love we have!

And here comes a really awesome opportunity for YOU to be a part of our adoption story.

We are selling this pretty AWESOME  adoption t-shirt and Tank Top !  And YOU can purchase one for yourself, your friends and one for each member of your family! Knowing that the purchase of this t-shirt helped bring our little man home! These are pre-orders and we are doing a cut off date of December 1st so that you can have your t-shirts in time for Christmas gifts!

Order your shirt TODAY to help us celebrate the decision we have made to bring another child into our home!
The Gray T-Shirt comes in Kids, Men and Women sizes and they run a pinch small so order up.

The Design: We plan on naming our little man Leo, which is Latin for Lion, hence the lion. And the wording "To the ends of the earth" Is pretty self explanatory :)

The T-Shirt!


Kids Shirts



One more "ask" once you purchase a shirt or tank, would you SHARE this opportunity with your community? We would LOVE your voice in helping to bring our little man home!

Thank You for being a part of this journey with us! Your thoughts and Prayers are so appreciated! 

Many updates and stories to come!

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